sábado, 12 de octubre de 2013

Out of Control

I was out in the city 
I was out in the rain 
I was feeling down hearted 
I was drinking again 

I was foolish 
I was angry 
I was vain 
I was charming 
I was lucky 

Tell me how have I changed 
I was standing by the bridges 
Where the dark water flows 
I was talking to a stranger 
About times long ago I was young 

And the girls in the doorway 
And the boys in the game 
And the drunks and the homeless 
They all know me 

And the police on the corner 
Give a nod and a wave 
As they point me 
To my final destination 

In the hotel I'm excited 
By the smile on her face 
But I wondered 
How was time 
Gonna change her 

Now I'm out 
Oh out of control 
Now I'm out 
Oh out of control 
Oh help me now 

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